Monday, June 30, 2008

beautiful food

these are my lovely peach and strawberry shots using a small crudely rigged seamless with a scrim jim and a reflector facing directly toward the objects. i shot into the light for the coolest effects. unfortunately i didn't have my sweet macro lens, but i will bring it next time. love the food shots!! excellent models.

learning sexy light

here is my sexy lighting demo from last week. we had a beauty dish with gridspot at an angle from above as our main light and a 2nd light reflector from behind coming right at her to create the halo effect. the wind was created by the always helpful fill cards.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

my fire escape garden

Here is my lovely fire escape garden. these photos are from a few weeks ago and now after all of the crazy thunderstorms, everything has grown a ton. I especially love the molten lava which can be seen on the second to last photo on the left of the basket. It is super hearty and has an array of pretty colors. The angel mist is also a favorite and can be seen in the second set of photos on the right. I also have a white one that is very elegant.