Monday, July 7, 2008

food photography

i assign and edit photography all day, so you think i would get enough of it, but i never do. especially food and interior photography- those are my favorites. food photography has become such a huge market recently and there are many superstars who i have been following for years. i have worked with some of them, but unfortunately most don't shoot fashion which is what i have been assigning for the past couple years...

i love the elegant light and simple styling of the shots above. food photography always amazes me. the color palettes and prop styling are also a huge part of the success of these photos.

the wonderful photographers above from top to bottom:

ditte isager
steve giralt
tara donne
tina rupp
marcus nilsson
mikkel vang

1 comment:

jesse said...

I really like the last photo by mikkel vang (I like his name too). That one makes me most want to eat the food in the shot. I recently saw the Seinfeld where George is a hand model, this reminds me of it.