Wednesday, November 12, 2008

nice mailer

i rarely (if ever) get psyched to see an email from adbase in my inbox (especially the ones sent in the middle of the night. what are they thinking?), but this was a cute idea from a photo/illustration rep, snyder and company. very cute and it made me look.

2 comments: said...

that is cute. I love real pics of things with tape and handwriting.Are you going to the American Photography 24 & American Illustration 27 event tomorrow night at the Orensanz foundation? U should.It's really fun and free food N wine drinks

Jeanette Lunde said...

This is so much fun doing together with the kids!
You use a iron to melt the beads.
Here´s a link to where you can buy them online. I would recomend one of the giftsets, that way you get all the beads and pegboards you need. Good luck Ü