Wednesday, July 30, 2008


when we were driving on our recent trip we kept noticing the primitive electrical pylons across the beautiful landscapes. i can't stop thinking about the initial discussion to cover the world with these enormous towers. i never would have imagined that they would actually work. good thing i wasn't on the committee.

pylon images by justin james reed.

thomas flechtner

thomas flechtner shows at marianne boesky and i remember seeing his show there in 2003. the show included large scale snowy landscapes and i loved them.

his newer work uses light boxes and more summery landscapes. you really have to see them in person since the scale is amazing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the exploratorium

dan & i went to the exploratorium in san fran on our travels and it was super fun! the light exhibits were especially interesting to me, but there were also amazing sound, mind, and visual exhibits. unfortunately the low light makes my photos all slightly out of focus, but you can get the general idea.

there were a couple exhibits that reminded us quite a bit of olafur eliasson, who has clearly been to the exploratorium. they had a waterfall with strobes that didn't photograph too well, and the wall of shadow hues bared a striking resemblance as well. olafur's piece on the top, exploratorium on the bottom. interesting.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

all the same

these photographs were taken by jesper ulvelius at different times of the day. really beautiful and a great study on light.

the airbus

i'm not a huge fan of flying and when i heard about the airbus, i wasn't exactly jumping at the idea of taking a ride. my fear of flying is likely one of the reasons i find photography with airplanes to be especially compelling. even after reading wikipedia over and over again about why planes stay in the air, i still don't believe it.

photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP

Thursday, July 10, 2008

serkan emiroglu

serkan is a turkish born, paris based fashion photographer with a love of landscape photography that makes his fashion shots very dynamic and beautiful.

the ones we love

shayla told me about this cool photo website called the ones we love. they highlight photographers from around the world by asking them to submit 6 photos of their favorite person and a few words about why they love them. this is a fun summer project for everyone to do. i would love to have a photo portrait session with a few of my favorite people...

here are a few images from the site by photographers valerie enriquez, jena ardell, indiana caba, and revaz todua.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

thobias fäldt

thobias fäldt is a swedish photographer, photo editor, and art director.

helmut newton photo machine

in the 1970's, iconic fashion photographer helmut newton created the "newton photo machine", a photo studio created to function without a photographer. the idea was to capture the subject as they saw themselves and have them act as stylist, photographer, and subject.

topshop stores re-created the "newton photo machine" in a few of their stores in june. here are a few of the most interesting portraits.

erwan frotin at art & commerce

I discovered last night that Jessica Marx, who I have been working with for years is the neighbor of 4 of my close friends. She is the director of the famous Art & Commerce image archive. She told me about an amazing show that is currently up at the A&C offices titled Flora Olbiensis. The photos by Erwan Frotin are of tiny wildflowers found around Villa Noailles in Hyères, France. Art & Commerce is selling signed prints on cotton rag paper for $250 each. I can't wait to see them in person.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

dream kitchens

i do my fair share of stock photo research and sometimes i get side-tracked looking at interiors and food photography. here are some inspiration photos of kitchens if i ever get the chance to own a home or renovate a kitchen. it's tough to decide between modern, farmhouse, moroccan, natural, or classic...

lucas allen

lucas allen is awesome! i first fell in love with his photos when he was based in australia and shooting for elle decoration, vogue living australia and donna hay years ago. i have only hired him once since he is always booked, but i know why. he is one of those photographers who can shoot it all - food, interiors, still life, fashion, and portraits.

penn silos

i love environmental food shots with natural light, but i also love the stark high contrast shots by irving penn for vogue. this technique translates so well to accessories, fashion, automotive, and floral still lives for an edgier more commercial look.

Monday, July 7, 2008


i took these photos on a road trip several years ago to destin, florida. the weather was terrible for driving, but fun for shooting. the fires in big sur reminded me of these photos since dan and i are going there in 2 weeks on our honeymoon.

food photography

i assign and edit photography all day, so you think i would get enough of it, but i never do. especially food and interior photography- those are my favorites. food photography has become such a huge market recently and there are many superstars who i have been following for years. i have worked with some of them, but unfortunately most don't shoot fashion which is what i have been assigning for the past couple years...

i love the elegant light and simple styling of the shots above. food photography always amazes me. the color palettes and prop styling are also a huge part of the success of these photos.

the wonderful photographers above from top to bottom:

ditte isager
steve giralt
tara donne
tina rupp
marcus nilsson
mikkel vang