Tuesday, April 13, 2010


we needed a night off from cooking, so dan and i tried a relatively new restaurant in the neighborhood tonight called baba and were pleasantly surprised. it's super cute inside with all the right details, the food was delish and the service was super nice! very excited!

there is also a retail space at the corner of metropolitan and lorimer that has been vacant for a few months, but they have recently started renovations for opening a new business. we played the always fun game of what would be the best business to open on the corner next to our apartment and dan said fruit/vegetable stand and i said flower shop, but we found out tonight by reading the building permit that it will be a bagel shop. we decided that would be just fine, as long as it's a good one.


ctstyle said...

Yay bagel shop! I want to try Baba. Looks good.Nice pics. Pheasanty.

Anonymous said...

i love finding new + delightful eating spots. great photos :)

xo Alison