Monday, June 21, 2010

striped film

my latest roll of film had the unfortunate fate of being rewound poorly (by me) and thus many of the shots are stripey. at first i was bummed, but now i kind of like it. after all, isn't the point of shooting film to leave a little bit to chance?


Stephen Mejias said...

These are awesome, Jaimes. I actually love it when this sort of thing happens.

ctstyle said...

Immortalized forever having bad posture and drinking wine at lunch...I suppose there could be worse things.I LOVE the photo from the dry cleaner.That dry cleaner blows but I love the way it looks inside-plants, curtains wood paneling.Great shot.

jaime said...

that wine glass does look gigantic, but you can handle yourself like a lady, so it's ok. that dry cleaner blows indeed, but they sewed the button back on my jeans for only $3 which i thought was quite a deal.