Thursday, July 8, 2010

i just can't get enough

i have been a bit obsessed with central park lately. it's funny since i live in brooklyn and work in times square and i'm never really near the park, but i like to go out of my way to walk through there every chance i get. i especially love belvedere castle which is in the first shot. there are always lots of turtles around there too which is pretty cool. check out the other posts here and here.


Marion said...

I think I have to stop coming here.
The more I come here, the more I want to come back to NYC. Already a plan, but I better hurry :-)

jaime said...

are you in paris or the south of france? perhaps we need to do an apartment swap!

ctstyle said...

I think apartment swapping is a great idea! I know somebody who does it all the time...I'll tell you more about it tomorrow over breakfast :)

Marion said...

I am in marseille south of france !
Mail me for the appartment swap !!!!!!!!!!