Wednesday, October 20, 2010

castle hill in ipswich

i'm back!! sorry it's been so long. i have been crazy busy at work, but we did manage to get away for a couple days this weekend and it was amazing. katy elliott did a post about how lovely ipswich, massachusetts is in the fall. boy was she right. we stayed at the inn at castle hill on the crane estate and it was perfect!! the inn was beautifully decorated and we had full range of the 2,100 acre estate which includes beach, marsh, forest, dunes and lots of hikes through all of it. all of these shots were taken on the grounds. i also have a few more in the next post.


katy elliott said...

aw jealous. Would love to stay there. Glad you had fun!

Kate Dickerson said...

Great photos and post, Jaime! I'm the one who painted all the hall and stairway murals. In my post about them, I described why I used the various images. Enjoy!

...and glad to meet you in the blogoshere!

jaime said...

thanks for the rec, katy. it was really amazing.

kate- your murals were so beautiful! nice to e-meet you as well.