Sunday, March 6, 2011

summer dreams

going through old photos from last summer and wishing it was warm and beautiful outside.

we had one of the first few hints of spring yesterday so i walked around manhattan listening to loud and awesome music on my ipod and loving life. i can't get enough cotton jones and cass mccombs at the moment.


ctstyle said...

I was out rooting around in my garden yesterday to find that some plants were already coming up through the dead leaves and then we got another snowstorm today that brought about a foot :(

jaime said...

oh no. another foot of snow? that is epic and rude.

my fire escape garden is starting to come back too. the plants are just as ready as we are.

leila said...

these are so, so wonderful. i can't wait till it's really warm out! summer please hurry.

Astrid said...

I miss your posting - will you be back soon?

Congratulations so much on your baby boy! How fun that we are having our first babies so close! :-)

jaime said...

hi astrid. i will be back soon hopefully. just been so busy with work and doctor appointments. excited to follow your baby adventures. :)